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CM Events 2019



Ranya Stover
Keren Lee
Emma Tio
David Hadi
Mihilo Kato
Lina Hisada
Ayushi Banerjee
Celine Chen

Honorable Mentions

Summer Yang
Ariel and Maya Rbibo
Ethan Lee
Diannah Zass
Samantha Pham
Sunny Cai
Olivia Wang
Galileo Skye Chrisman Caro
Bethany Lai
Mila Lanin
Sammy Elkhunovich
Quincy Lai

Repertoire Awards (Each judge had their own list--this is a compilation)

Ranya Stover (Mark Richman): Sonatina in G major, I. Allegretto by Carlos Gaastarino

Haneeboy Barlis (Sharon Shaheed): Paganini Jazz Variation I (Presto), Variation II (Meno Mosso), Variation III (Rumbo) by Fazil Say

Keren Lee (Sharon Shaheed): Etude No. 3 (based on George Gershwin's "The Man I Love" by Earl Wild

Emma Tio (Nobuyo Nshixaka): Prelude no.8 Un reflet dans le vent by Olivier Messiaen

Milo Hong (Sharon Shaheed): Silencio de Parc Guell (Moderato) by Joe Hisaishi

Graysen Carlsen (Sharon Shaheed): River Waltz by Ah Doe

Ethan Lee (Sharon Shaheed): Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (Moderato) by Jay Chou

David Hadi (Gideon Rubin): Stormy Monday by Gideon Rubin

Kyle Hong (Sharon Shaheed): Energy Flow by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Mihilo Kato (Nobuyo Nshixaka): The Dew Fairy by Frank Bridge

Lina Hisada (Nobuyo Nshixaka): Sonata No. 2 (Toccata) by Grazyna Bacewicz

Celine Chen (Nobuyo Nshixaka): Prelude no.8 Un reflet dans le vent by Olivier Messiaen

Solomon Skvirsky (Regina Verteym): Piano Concerto Op. 44 for Student and Teacher: I, II. Andante con moto, III. Allegro assai by Isaak Berkovich

Amy Tanaka (Sharon Shaheed): Green Tea Farm by Hiromi Uehara

Diannah Zass (Valeria Danielyan): Sonatina in C, Op. 100 by Nikolai Kapustin

Mila Lanin (Gideon Rubin): Willows by Jeanine Yeager

Olivia Wang (Sharon Shaheed): Humoresque in Db Major (Allegro) by Rodion Shchedrin

Ayushi Banerjee (Francine Pancost): Sonata, 3rd Movement by Otar Taktakishvili

Roselyn Nguyen (Ivana Malo): Metamorphosis Three by Philip Glass

Summer Yang (Sharon Shaheed): Humming Bird by William Gillock

Ariel and Maya Rbibo (Valeria Danielyan): Shmateh Rag by Rami Bat-Niv

Noah Chen (Mark Richman): Toccata (Allegro marcatissimo) by Aram Khachaturian

Samantha Pham (Francine Pancost): March of the Jolly Fellows by Henry Gagnebin

Mia Erikson (Nicole Nale): “Many Glacier Arioso” from The Great Northwest Suite by Dennis Alexander

The Contemporary Festival took place on December 9, 2018 at Los Angeles Valley College
Chair: Lacy Bowen, Assistant: Kim O'Reilly


Calendar of Events 2018/2019


CM Meetings

There will be two CM meeting dates. All meetings will be held at Piano Play Music Systems in Sherman Oaks, MZ floor
You are only required to attend one of these meeting. Meetings will start promptly!
1. Sunday, September 16th 3:30-4:30 pm
2. Sunday, September 23rd 3:30-4:30 pm


Branch Meetings

September 2018 1st Branch Meetings for the Fall

February 11, 2019 from 10-11am Branch Meeting on finances at Piano Play Music Systems in Sherman Oaks, MZ floor

TBA, 2019 Branch Meeting for the Spring


Event Dates

November 4, 2018  General- “Pops and Beginners" Recital  1-5pm - Los Angeles Valley College
Fees deadline: October 22
Chair: Valeria Danielyan
Assistant: participating teachers

December 9, 2018  Contemporary Festival  1-5pm - Los Angeles Valley College 
Fees deadline: November 26
Chair: Lacey Bowen
Assistant: Kim O’Reilly

February 10, 2019  Classical / Romantic Festival - 1-5pm - Los Angeles Valley College
Fees deadline: January 28
Chair: Nobuyo Nishizaka
Assistant: Alla Arutyunan

March 10, 2019  Certificate of Merit – Winds Instruments  - Glendale Adventist Academy (700 Kimlin Drive)
Registration Oct.1-31
Fees paid on Nov.1-10

Chair: Denia Bradshaw

March 10 & 17, 24, 2019    Certificate of Merit - Piano  7am- 6pm  -  Piano Play Music Systems
Registration Oct.1-31
Fees paid on Nov.1-10

Chair: Sharon Shaheed 
Assistant: Pamela Prasarttongosoth

March 31, 2019  Certificate of Merit – String Instruments  - Piano Play Music Systems
Registration Oct.1-31
Fees paid on Nov.1-10

Chair: Hillary Smith
Assistant: Christopher Ahn

April 7, 2019  Branch Bach Festival  3pm - 6pm - Pasadena Steinway
Fees deadline: March 18
Chair: Kathleen Rabun 
Assistant: Alla Arutyunan

TBA, 2019   Mark Richman Masterclass - Steinway Gallery Pasadena
  * Admission is free for all auditors
April 14, 2019  CM Honors Festival  - 11am-8pm - Los Angeles Valley College
1st Registration deadline: *
2nd Registration deadline: *

Chair: Roger Eshleman
Assistants: Gillian Smith, Laura Halladay, Connie Kuhne

April 28, 2019   Scholarship Competition  12 - 5pm - Los Angeles Valley College (Current Reservation- Venue is subject to change)
Fees deadline: April 15
Chair: Mark Richman
Assistant: Arisa Ogino

May 5, 2019  Regional Bach Festival  9am - 6pm - Hollywood Pianos in Burbank
Registration deadline: *
Chair: Kathleen Rabun 
Assistant: Gillain Smith

May 26, 2019  Spring Festival - General Recital/Scholarship Winners Concert  - 1-5pm - Los Angeles Valley College
Fees deadline:May 13
Chair: Dilara Khaliova
Assistant: Janet Kaplan

June 28 - July 2, 2019  MTAC Convention -  Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


**General Recital registration/fee deadline is the Monday 13 days before the event (postmarked by that day).

*Festival and Competition registration/fee deadline is the Monday 20 days before the event (postmarked by that day).