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 February 2018


Subject: February Updates
From: Nicole Nale (nicolenaleclassical@gmail.com)
Date: Monday, February 19, 2018 11:03 PM


Our Certificate of Merit examinations are fast approaching and I know we are all working extremely hard to make sure all the students are prepared!

The past two Sundays we had two events that went extremely well thanks to our chairs and their assistants! The first being our Classical/Romantic Festival, run by Kim O’Reilly and assisted by Meg Falk, and just yesterday was our first ever Concerto Competition, which was completed spearheaded by Gillian Smith and assisted by Dilara Khalilova. Thank you ladies all so much for your hard work and dedication, these events ran so smoothly because of your talents and care!

I just wanted to send out a few reminders as we are really getting into the mix of things that we have planned for the next several months.

First, some information from our treasurer. The Musician’s Union has merged with SAG-AFTRA, so any checks written from our previous ledger or labeled from MICU have to be deposited by June 1st.

Second, (copied and pasted from the CMT Editor, Verna Balch)

Now is the time for MTAC members to write and submit articles for consideration and possible inclusion in The California Music Teacher Journal. In line with the Journal’s vision, we encourage researched articles on studio management, pedagogy, technology, business, MTAC programs, or other music related subjects. Please email the title of your article to cmt@mtac.org. We will subsequently send you a copy of the California Music Teacher Guidelines 2018 for submission of articles. The deadline for submission is Friday, May 25, 2018

Third, I will be hosting a very brief meeting onMonday, March 5 from 9-10am at the Piano Play Studio in Sherman Oaks. As the Piano CM is quite large with many moving parts, I thought we could try to make sure everyone understands what is expected of them in their assigned job at the exam and also go over some extra branch updates. Please let me know if you’d be able to attend via email, so I could get a tentative head count. We are in desperate need of places to host meetings in the future, if any of our members would be willing to open up their home to us, it would be more than appreciated! Please contact me ASAP about this, we need to get all of our wonderful members involved and participation levels up to keep these events going! I would like to have a full meeting on Tuesday, April 10, if that looks good on anybody’s calendar to host. 

Upcoming events:

CM Dates!
     Strings- March 25- Piano Play Music Systems
     Winds- March 4- Glendale Adventist Academy
     Piano*-March 11 and 18- Piano Play Studio
*Times might be adjusted slightly for the Piano Evaluations and should be sent out by the end of the week. Please inform your students’ parents of these changes and contact me with any questions.

Bach Festival (Branch Level)- March 25 from 3-6pm
     Hollywood Piano’s; Fee is $35
     Deadline: March 5 -register at http://www.scjbf.org

Keep up the great work!

Nicole Nale
MTAC SFEV President