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Music Teachers' Association of CaliforniaMTAC SFEV  BRANCH NEWSLETTERS
 June 2016


Subject: Newsletter - June
Gillian Smith            Jun 25, 2016 3:28 pm

Dear MTAC SFEV Colleagues,

Nicole Nale is officially our new President! Thank you, Nicole, for stepping up to take on this job.  You are capable and charming, so I know we are in excellent hands!

I am sending a last newsletter to wrap up our 2015/16 season.  Please find, attached, minutes from our meeting of June 20th, a tentative calendar for next season, and a letter acknowledging many who contribute time and energy to our MTAC SFEV Branch community of music teachers.

i hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


June 20, 2016


Dear MTAC SFEV Branch members,


A few words of appreciation…


Thank you to our Board Members who have been collectively responsive, supportive, positive, helpful, creative, reliable, kind and funny. 


Mark Richman , Vice-President

Francine Ross-Pancost, Membership Secretary

Aziza Syed, Treasurer

Thelma Mericle, Recording and Correspondence Secretary

Arjang Hedayati, Director

Rita Hovanesian, Director

Kathleen Rabun, Director

Anahit Sevoyan, Director


Thank you to Laura Halladay, our Branch Liaison with Valley College.  She was spectacular managing this huge job, ongoing for much of the year and requiring consistent reliability and diplomacy!


Thank you to Sharon Shaheed for her work handling the biggest job in the Branch as Certificate of Merit Chairperson.  Sharon is organized, enthusiastic, energetic, caring and makes us laugh even when she is working extremely hard all year taking care of the innumerable details demanded by this job.  Thanks also to our other CM Chairs: Denia Bradshaw, CM Winds; her assistant, Francine Ross-Pancost who chaired this event for 13 years before this past season; Hillary Smith, CM Strings; and assistant, Chris Ahn. 


Thank you to Paul Pitman for Chairing the Benefit Concert, which raises money for our Scholarship Competition Winners.  He was wonderful serving in this capacity for many years, organizing the performers, the program, and the venue.  Paul did most of the behind-the-scene work and performed as well.


Dilara Khalilova and Paul came up with the idea for this event some years ago.  Dilara also contributed much to this event including her beautiful performances.  She will chair this event next season with Yolande Witkin. Enormous thanks to Dilara, who is warm, charming and fun, for hosting many of our meetings at her place.  Thanks also to Dilara for her help with the Branch Website. 


The website was run professionally by Ronda Flanzbaum.  Thank you to Ronda who willingly attends to year-round updating of the website.  Communicating with her is always a pleasure.  She takes care of all the website updating with thorough competence and offers creative ideas of her own to enhance the look of the website. 


Thank you to all chairs and assistants of the recitals and festivals, which give young music students opportunities to perform in public.  This is the backbone of our work as a Branch of MTAC and it is valuable.


·       General Recital “Pops and Beginners”  -  Michael Paul

·       Mark Richman Masterclass – Mark Richman

·       Contemporary Festival – Nobuyo Nishizaka, Chair and Mariko Urushidani, Assistant

·       General Recital – Anahit Sevoyan

·       Classical Romantic Festival -  Kim O’Reilly, Chair and Meg Falk, Assistant


·       Certificate of Merit Honors Festival – Roger Eshleman and Laura Halladay, Co-Chairs

·       Southern California Junior Bach Festival – Kathleen Rabun,  Chair  and Aziza Syed, Assistant


·       Scholarship Competition – Mark Richman, Chair  and  Tamara Gyulnazarova, Assistant      


·       Spring Festival –  Regina Verteym, Chair Nicole Nale, Assistant


Thank you to those of you who send your students to perform in our branch events.  Thank you all for the collective effort and enthusiastic spirit, which makes our branch work well and happily in the process.


Wishing you all a great summer,



PROPOSED MTAC SFEV Calendar of Events 2016/2017 To be confirmed



September 12, 2016 Monday Piano Play

December 6, 2016 Tuesday TBD

May 16, 2017 Tuesday  TBD

June 19, 2017 Piano Play TBC


? October 23 ?  General Recital “Pops and Beginners” Los Angeles Valley College  TBC
Registration Deadline October 5 (postmark)

Chairperson: Michael Paul
Assistant: Teachers of performing students may be asked to assist on the day of the recital


November 13  Mark Richman Masterclass 4:00 – 6:00 PM Keyboard Concepts
Chairperson: Mark Richman

?December 4 or 11 ? Contemporary Festival Valley College preferred TBD
Registration Deadline November 14 or 21  (postmark)
Chairperson: Nobuyo Nishizaka
Assistants: Mariko Iwasaki

? January  22 ? 
General Recital Keyboard Concepts TBC
Registration Deadline January 2 or 9 (postmark)
Chairperson: Valeria Danielyan
Assistant: Alla Arutunyan


TBD  ??? Fund-Raiser Concert TBD ????
Co-Chairs: Dilara Khalilova and Yolande Witkin


? February 12  ? Classical / Romantic Festival Los Angeles Valley College TBC
Registration Deadline January 23  (postmark)
Chairperson: Kim O’Reilly
Assistant: Meg Falk


March 5 Certificate of Merit – String Instruments  Piano Play
Registration Deadline October 31
Chairperson: Hillary Smith
Assistant: Christopher Ahn

March 5 Certificate of Merit – Winds Instruments  Glendale Adventist Academy, 700 Kimlin Drive, TBC
Registration Deadline October 31
Chairperson: Denia Bradshaw
Assistant: Francine Ross-Pancost


March 12/19    Certificate of Merit - Piano  Piano Play
Registration Deadline October 31
Chairperson: Sharon Shaheed
Assistant: Pamela Prasarttongosoth


? April 2 ? Honors Festival  Los Angeles Valley College TBC
Registration Deadline March 23  Thursday)
Co-Chairs: Roger Eshleman, Laura Halladay, and Constance Kuhne


? March 26 or April 9 ? Bach Festival 12 - 3PM      ?  Steinway Beverly Hills  TBC
Registration Deadline March 20 (postmark)
Chairperson: Kathleen Rabun
Assistant: Aziza Syed


? April 30 ?    Scholarship Competition      TBD
Registration Deadline April 10 (postmark)
Chairperson: Mark Richman
Assistant: Tamara Gyulnazarova


??  May 14? Southern California Junior Bach Regional Festival  Pasadena Steinway TBC
Chairperson: Kathleen Rabun will organize two assistants to help with the regional festival from those teachers who have students participating. If participating teachers are unwilling to assist at the regional, if asked, their students may not participate.


? May 21 or June 4  ? Spring Festival - General Recital/Scholarship Winners  Award  Performance   ? Valley College TBC
Registration Deadline May 8 or 22 (postmark)
Chairperson: Regina Verteym
Assistant: Nicole Nale ?


June 30 - July 4 MTAC Convention Santa Clara Hyatt



Super Bowl February 5

Academy Awards February 26

Palm Sunday April 9

Easter April 16

Passover April 10 – 18

Mother’s Day May 14

Ramadan May 26 – June 26

Father’s Day June 18



Minutes of the Meeting

Music Teachers’ Association of California

San Fernando East Valley Branch Meeting

June 20, 2016 – Keyboard Concepts in Van Nuys




In attendance (21 members): Dilara Khalilova, Connie Kuhne, Janet Kaplan, Aziza Syed, Meg Falk, Gillian Smith, Michael Paul, Tamara Gyulnazarova, Raisa Menkina, Mia Paul, Valeria Danielyan, Alla Arutyunyan, Nicole Nale, Kathleen Rabun, Rita Hovanesian, Mark Richman, Anahit Sevoyan, Thelma Mericle, Francine Ross-Pancost, Roger Eshleman, and Chin-Suk Kim.


President, Gillian Smith, called the meeting to order at 10:30AM.  She said that, as this was her last meeting as President, she would like to thank many members for their contribution to the Branch.  Gillian stated that she had enjoyed serving this community and its members, and handed out written statement of her acknowledgments (copy attached).


Gillian called on Membership Secretary, Francine Ross-Pancost, for the membership report.  Gillian thanked Francine for her work as Membership Secretary and presented her with a plaque thanking her for 13 years chairing Certificate of Merit for Strings.  Francine reported the name of a transfer member.  Gillian mentioned that the Branch has approximately 68 members.


Gillian asked Aziza Syed for the Treasurer’s report.  Aziza stated that she had taken $1500 (all of which might not be needed) from the savings account to cover cost over-runs from the 2015/16 fiscal season. The deficits were attributed to two main causes:  the Benefit Concert, instead of raising funds, lost $57 mostly attributed to a heavy rain storm which kept many traditional attendee/donors away from the concert; and student attendance at some of the Branch Festivals has dropped in recent years resulting in deficits for some events.  Aziza will provide a copy of the budget breakdown as soon as the last receipts for the year are in.


Gillian asked the group why they thought participation was down in numbers, and what might be done to improve it. Valeria Danielyan suggested that perhaps including age categories for the Contemporary Festival might encourage teachers to enter younger students.  It was also suggested that scheduling events at somewhat different times during the year might attract more partcipants.  Gillian said that they would cover the calendar issues one-by-one.  It was also agreed that a Contemporary Festival committee would be formed over the summer to discuss ways in which the event might attract more participants.


Michael Paul, not present at the meeting in May when the issue was thoroughly discussed, expressed concerns that Certificate of Merit for piano would not be at Valley College next year. Several members in attendance reiterated the reasons why CM will be held at the new Piano Play facility, instead.  Gillian mentioned that other branches borrow pianos from major piano stores for their Certificate of Merit process, and Rita found out from Keyboard Concept administrators that KC would be happy to loan us pianos for our CM process, if needed.


Dates for each event were discussed.  Although final dates for each event can only be confirmed in the fall when the various venues confirm with us, desired dates for events were decided upon.  Tentative Schedule is attached.


Roger Eshleman installed the Branch Officers for the new year: President, Nicole Nale; Vice-President, Mark Richman; 2nd Vice-President, Meg Falk; Treasurer, Aziza Syed; Corresponding Secretary, Thelma Mericle; Recording Secretary, Barbara Yellin; and Directors, Arjang Hedayati, Kathleen Rabun, Anahit Sevoyan, Gillian Smith, and Rita Hovanesian. All present stated that they would serve the Branch in good faith, and the slate was accepted unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05PM.