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 March 2018


Subject: Piano CM reminders
From: Nicole Nale (nicolenaleclassical@gmail.com)
Date: March 10, 2018

I apologize for the late email, posted below are some reminders for your parents in the morning, who have children performing.

1. Make sure your students DO NOT bring in UNAUTHORIZED photocopied music to CM Evaluations because they NOT BE HEARD by an Evaluator and shall automatically receive a “Remain-at-Level” rating. This is a CM policy. The ONLY exceptions are copies to facilitate page turns (an original score must be present) and photocopies for confirmed out-of-print material. Confirmed out-of-print material must be accompanied by written permission from the publisher. If a student HAS NOT MEMORIZED a piece, the student must provide a second original score for the Evaluator. A photocopy MAY BE USED as a second score ONLY if it shows it has been purchased on line / or has an on line authorized logo or source.

2. Missed Evaluations or Late-Arrivals. If a student arrives late (ex. 10 minutes late) or arrives after their assigned Evaluation time is over the would be considered a NO SHOW. Only if the evaluator makes AN EXCEPTION to hear the rescheduled student can the student be evaluated. The evaluation would then be rescheduled during another “no show” slot or at the end of the day. The Evaluator does not have to agree to hear the student. I CANNOT make any promises or guarantees that the student will be heard. PARENTS AND TEACHERS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM ARRANGING RE-SCHEDULED EVALUATIONS WITH AN EVALUATOR. A STUDENT MAY BE DISQUALIFIED IF THIS OCCURS.

3. Remind students to number the first line of each measure.

4. Students should have their songs in the order they want them to be heard.

Thank you!

Nicole Nale
MTAC SFEV President 


Subject: Meeting Canceled
From: Nicole Nale (nicolenaleclassical@gmail.com)
Date: March 4, 2018

Good evening teachers,

I only received a handful of responses for the meeting planned for tomorrow, and a majority of those were not able to attend, so I will be canceling the meeting for tomorrow. Those who did respond that they would be able to join, I have already reached out to personally. Those of you who had any questions pertaining to the upcoming exam, please feel free to contact me directly. Please mark your calendars for April 10 as I would like to have a full length meeting then with as any members as can join!

Remember that the registration deadline for the branch Bach Festival is tomorrow! Make sure you have double checked all of your students’ information correctly!

We have two positions on the board that are going to need to be filled, membership secretary and treasurer. This is a great opportunity for a couple of our members to step up and try something knew and add to your skill set! Please let me know if you have any interest in filling either of these positions for next season.

Thank you all,

Nicole Nale
MTAC SFEV President