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Music Teachers' Association of California

 September 2017


Minutes from Meeting
Sunday, September 10, 2017

-The first portion of the meeting consisted of reviewing the tentative dates for the Calendar of Events.

- The branch president went through each event with at least 2 proposed dates and asked those members in attendance for their preference if the venue’s availability allowed for it.

-The first General Recital, Contemporary Festival, Classical/Romantic Festival, Certificate of Merit, Honors Festival, Bach Festival and Scholarship Competition are all to be chaired by the same teachers as last season.

-All of the events listed above, (except for the Certificate of Merit, Bach Festival ad Scholarship Competition), the dates are tentative awaiting a response from Valley College.
-Mark Richman will be holding a Masterclass before the CM dates. The date of which is to be determined based on venue availability.

-Events that require positions to be filled were brought to attention. The Scholarship Competition is in need of an assistant and the Spring Festival (General Recital & Scholarship Winners) needs both a chair and an assistant.

-A new Concerto Competition was voted on at the previous meeting in June. Gillian Smith has been coordinating with the conductor of the La Mirada Orchestra and thereby volunteered to chair the event. Dilara Khalilova also offered to be her assistant. Details of the event included a $50 audition fee, students will perform 1 movement, their teacher may accompany, there will be 3 Judges (Conductor Alan Mautner will be on the panel), and there shall be 2 winners (will try for 1 student in each category- Junior and Senior). The auditions shall take place on February 18, possibly at the Steinway Galleries, and the Winners’ Performance will be Sunday, May 20 with the La Mirada Symphony.

-The Bach Festival has 2 changes this year. First, each teacher will be required to pay a $10 teacher fee when they first access the website, scjbf.org. Second, for the 2018 Bach Festivals, the judges will be asked to select 50% of students playing eligible repertoire to advance to Regionals. Also brought to the branchs’ attention by Laura Halladay was the question of being able to group instrumentalists and piano participants together in same performance. The Festival Chair, Kathleen Rabun, is going to look into the matter to confirm that this should not be a problem.

-Announcements: Classics Alive needs an Assistant position filled, which will be commission pay and no musician required; email jean@classicsaliveartists.org for more information. The Sara Compinsky Masterclass is still being held once a month, the first of which will be held Wednesday, September 13 from 10am-1pm. The program is in need of performers/teachers and always looking for new venues if anyone knows of any.

- Some items from the previous meeting in June were re-addressed. The Contemporary Festival and the Classical/Romantic Festival fees will go up to $27, instead of the previous $25. The branch is still also in need of a Fundraising Concert as the Benefit Concert did not occur last year.
- Since meetings have been relatively small in attendance from varying schedules, the 2 remaining meetings (dates still TBD) will be held on two different days of the week to encourage attendance from members with differing schedules. One will be scheduled for a Sunday afternoon and the other for a Monday morning.

-Towards the end of the meeting, Mark Richman brought up very exciting news that could make hosting a Solo Concert with a very beautiful venue a possibility. If this were to go through, then the branch could have a Solo Benefit Concert in the Springtime, performed by Mark.

- Two of our new members were prompted to introduce themselves near the end of the meeting. Both members have volunteered their services to help out with the positions that need filling. Katerina Panferova offered to help fill in, possibly as a co-chair for the Spring Festival and as a Membership Director for next year, as she has held the position before at a previous branch. Arisa Ogino also offered to be an assistant at either of the remaining events that are still open.