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 September 2018


Subject: Fall Season Updates
From: Nicole Nale (nicolenaleclassical@gmail.com)
Date: Friday, September 14, 2018 1:37 PM

Hello Teachers!!!

I hope you all had a spectacular summer and had much deserved relaxation time! Please read through the entire email as there are quite a few items that are important.

Teachers need to visit the branch website (mtacsfev.org) to make sure all contact info is correct. Click on the member directory tab, of the password box appears, then type in the password that was previously communicated to you. Email me personally with any change of info (New address, phone number, email, misspelled name) and I will forward the correct info the Ronda.

The new Calendar of Events is posted on the Branch Website. Please give your students this information so that parents can block out dates for optimal participation numbers. Remember that the Festivals are evaluated, but are open to ALL Levels. Therefore, we want to strongly encourage younger students to participate, even though it won’t necessarily be in a competitive nature.

At our summer planning meeting in July, the members present voted on a new policy regarding volunteers for chairing events for the Branch.

MTAC SFEV Policy on Event Chairs

“Due to the small pool of volunteers for branch events each year, it is now mandated that positions that are not able to be filled by volunteers will be selected from those teachers, who have students participating in ANY MTAC event other than CM. This selection can be from the previous year if need be.”

*On this topic we are in need of both a chair and assistant for the Contemporary Festival this year to be held on Sunday, December 9.


Those who have students participating in the Certificate of Merit examination in 2019 are required to attend either the Sep.16 or Sep.23 meeting from 3:30-4:30pm. Sharon has to send in an attachment list to the State Office. You DO NOT need to attend both meetings. There are some changes regarding the CM performance evaluation for Piano Only in terms of venue for this year. Applicants will still be taking the written portion of the exam at Piano Play Studios, however, they may not be guaranteed performance testing at the same location. A percentage of the students will be playing at Meg Falk’s residence, which she has graciously offered to host for our branch. To accommodate scheduling, students do not need to take their written test on the same day as their playing evaluation. With respect to Room capacity, the branch and all of the CM participating teachers will need to fill out a schedule form for test requests/preferences so we can adequately plan for the theory Room to have enough seats. Deadline for this entry will be January 15. Remember, like last year, your day preferences for individual students IS NOT guaranteed. There are 3 Sundays in March, please inform your students’ parents that they should refrain from planning anything on those Sundays should their day preference not be fulfilled. You will be able to select a first and second choice on the MTAC website for the day, but not for the time (AM/PM).

Thank you all and please email me with any questions!

Nicole Nale
MTAC SFEV Branch President