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MTAC San Fernando East Valley Scholarship Competition Results

2016 Scholarship Competition Winners

Student Teacher

Instrumental I
1st Prize: Katherine He
2nd Prize: Chan Gi Kim
Honorable Mention: Melissa Yang
Francine Ross Pancost
Soo Choi
Laura Halladay

Instrumental II
1st Prize: Celine Chen
2nd Prize: Jonathan Chua
Honorable Mention: Sonya Siegel
Mary Cervantes
Tamara Gyulnazarova
Francine Ross Pancost

Piano I
1st Prize: Maya Paredes
(no 2nd Prize; no Honorable Mention)
Mark Richman

Piano II
1st Prize: Lina Hisada
2nd Prize: Brendon Gong
Honorable Mention: Shin Takahashi
Nobuyo Nishizaka
Gideon Rubin
Nobuyo Nishizaka

Piano III
1st Prize: Oliver Mann
2nd Prize: Miyu Tang
Honorable Mention: Valentina Moraccini
Mark Richman
Nobuyo Nishizaka
Gillian Smith

The 2016 Scholarship Competition took place on May 15 at Keyboard Concepts
Chairperson: Mark Richman, Assistant:Tamara Gyulnazarova

2015 Scholarship Competition Winners

Instrumental Category I
Second Prize: Melissa Yang (Laura Halladay)

Instrumental Category II
First Prize: Kiyan Parvaresh (Tamara Gyulnazarova)
Second Prize: Angelina Kim (Tamara Gyulnazarova)

Piano Category I
First Prize: Sharon Hurvitz (Mark Richman)
Second Prize: Grace Moore (Nobuyo Nishizaka)

Piano Category II
First Prize: Jonathan Po (Mark Richman)
Second Prize: May Schuberg (He-Lyun Chung)

Piano Category III
First Prize: Andre Nguyen (He-Lyun Chung)
Second Prize: Kristine Lu (He-Lyun Chung)
Honorable Mention: Sarah Krausz (Jean Deutsch)

The 2015 Scholarship Competition took place on May 17 at Keyboard Concepts in Van Nuys
Chariperson: Mark Richman, Assistant: Simitra Nanjundan

2014 Scholarship Competition Winners

Instrumental - Category I
No winner selected

Instrumental Category II
1st Place - Trevor Le (Lauren Deutsch)
2nd Place - Kiyan Parvaresh (Z. Gyulnazarova)

Piano Category I
1st Place - Marie Luff (N. Nishizaka)
2nd Place - David Rower (M. Macalintal)

Piano Category II
1st Place - Ryuichi Haneda (N. Nishizaka)
2nd Place - Jonathan Po (M. Richman)

Piano Category III
1st Place - Lina Hisada (N. Nishizaka)
2nd Place - Lauren Kim (J. Deutsch)

There were no Honorable Mentions selected this year.

The 2014 Scholarship Competition took place on May 18 at Los Angeles Valley College.
Chairperson: Jean Deutsch, Assistant: Chin Suk Kim

2013 Scholarship Competition Winners

Piano Category III
1st place - Trevor Le (J.Deutsch)
2nd place - Alexander Hurvitz (M.Richman)
HM - Lauren Kim (J.Deutsch)

Piano Category II
1st place - Grace Moore (N.Nishizaka)
2nd place - Sharon Hurvitz (M.Richman)
HM - Nikhil Patel (J.Deutsch)

Piano Category I
1st place - Eri Wong (N.Nishizaka)
2nd place - Alexia Le (J.Deutsch)

Instrumental Category II
1st place - Victoria Hwang, violin (S.Choi)
2nd place - Kiyan Parvaresh, violin (Z.Gyulnazarova)

Instrumental Category I
1st place - Kay Dee Everett, flute (F.Pancost)

The 2013 Competition took place on May 26th at Valley College, music department
Chairperson: Jean Deutsch

2012 Scholarship Competiton Winners

Piano Category III (ages 12 and under)
 1st place - Vincent Le (Deutsch)
 2nd place - May Schuberg (Chung)
 HM - Lauren Li (Nishizaka)

Piano Category II (ages 13-15)
1st place - Tamao Cmiral (Richman)
2nd place - Alexia Le (Deutsch)
HM - Christian Dorado (Sevoyan)

Piano Category I (ages 16-18)
1st place - Frederic Lee (Richman)
2nd place - Katleyn Camarata (Shaheed)

Instrumental Category II (ages 9-13)
No Winner Selected

Instrumental Category I (ages 14-18)
1st place - Emma Salmon (Pancost)
2nd place - none selected
HM - Katie Myres (Pancost)

The 2012 Competition took place on May 20th at Gianelli Square
Chairperson: Jean Deutsch