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Recitals, Festivals &
Scholarship Competition


Scholarship Competition

October General and Pop Music Recital

The 2013 General & Pop Music Recital will take place Oct 20 at Los Angeles Valley College
$10 fee due to Michael Paul by October 7
Recital Form

Contemporary Festival

The 2013 Contemporary Festival will take place
on November 17 at Los Angeles Valley College
$25 fees due to Gillian Smith by October 28
Contemporary Festival Application
Contemporary Festival Results

January General and Beginners Recital

The 2014 January Recital will take place on January 26 at Los Angeles Valley College
$10 fee is due to Anahit Sevoyan by January 13, 2014
Recital Form

Classical & Romantic FestivalClassical & Romantic Music

The 2014 Classical and Romantic Festival will take place on February 23 at Los Angeles Valley College
$25 fees due to Kim O'Reilly by February 3
Classical-Romantic Festival Application


Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit

March 9, 2014 -  CM for Strings and Woodwinds
Los Angeles Valley College
Chairs: Francine Pancost (Winds)
Rachael Lonergan (Strings)
Registration Deadline October 31


March 15 and 16, 2014 -  CM for Piano
Los Angeles Valley College
Chairpersons - Sharon Shaheed and Pam Prasarttongosoth

For more info please visit the Certificate of Merit page


Certifcate of Merit Honors Festival

The 2014 CM Honors Festival will take place on March 30 at Los Angeles Valley College
Chairperson - Roger Eshleman
Assistant: Laura Halladay
Registration Deadline March 19

The Festival is for students who were awarded honors in the Certificate of Merit program. There is no enrollment fee for participation in this festival.

To be eligible, students must be Level IV or higher, pass the theory exam, receive good or excellent in sight reading, and receive a 5+, 5 or 5- for the chosen piece that must be memorized. (Keyboard only).


Southern California Junior Bach FestivalBach

The aim of SCJBF to cultivate knowledge and understanding of Bach's music, as well as to celebrate it. Through festivals, lectures, master classes, recitals and concerts, SCJBF offers many opportunities for musical growth to the best of Southern California's young instrumentalists and vocalists

The 2014 Bach Festival is April 13 at Los Angeles Valley College
Registration deadline is March 24, 2014

The Southern California Junior Bach Regional Festival is May 25 at Steinway Pasadena

Chairperson: Nobuyo Nishizaka
Assistant: Maya Agasarian

For more information and to register please visit:

List of Bach Festival Winners



The 2014 Scholarship Competition will take place on May 18 at Los Angeles Valley College
$20 fees due to Jean Deutsch by April 28
Assistant: Chin Suk Kim
Music Scholarship Competition Application


June Scholarship Winners and General Recital

The 2014 June Scholarship Winners and General Recital will take place June 1 at Los Angeles Valley College
$10 fee due to Regina Verteym by May 19
List of Scholarship Competition Winners