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 December 2015


The Sixth Annual Kathryn Gawartin Chopin Competition - Mark Your Calendar

 Gillian Smith 12/04/15 at 10:12 PM

 The Sixth Annual Kathryn Gawartin Chopin Competition organized by the West Los Angeles Branch will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at Steinway Piano Gallery located at 8801 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211. This is a cash award competition and is open to all branches of MTAC. Online application will begin at the beginning of March 2016. Deadline to complete online registration is March 28, 2016.  Please visit our website www.mtacwla.org for further information. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact m
e, Louisa Wong at louikitw@yahoo.com or my co-chair Dr. Wojciech Kocyan at drkocyan@hotmail.com.


Contemporary Festival - Benefit Concert -General Recital - Classical Romantic Festival - CM Honors Criteria

Gillian Smith  12/13/15 at 8:46 PM

 Dear MTAC SFEV Branch Members!

I hope you are all enjoying December with all the extra spirit that it brings, celebrating the holidays, battling traffic, dealing with students who have practiced more or perhaps less due to the variables injected into the normal schedule.

Contemporary Festival

The Contemporary Festival will take place at Valley College, January 10 in the afternoon.  There are typically three recitals.  The registration deadline is one week from today, Monday, December 21st.  Please send applications to Nobuyo Nishizaka at 655 Hamilton Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106, and include one check for all students made out to MTAC SFEV.  Please also send an email to nobuyon@sbcglobal.net with the names of your students and their repertoire, so that Nobuyo can cut and paste directly onto the program.  If you are "on the fence" about whether or not to enter a student, please enter them, since it will inspire them to hear excellent performances and it is good for the branch to have many entries!

Benefit Concert

Our Benefit Concert is scheduled to happen January 31st at First Presbyterian Church of Encino, 4PM.  This benefit concert raises money for winners from the Scholarship Competition.  It is not a huge amount of money that students win, but it is something they can put on their resumes, and the dollars represent concrete accomplishment for their effort, talent, and achievement.  We are lucky in our branch to have a collection of very talented teachers, many of whom perform for this concert.  It is also a lovely social occasion, a chance for all of us  to meet and enjoy the talent and company of one another.  Please put this event on your calendars and be there!

General Recital

Please be reminded that the registration deadline for the January General Recital comes up fairly soon after the holidays.  The General Recital is scheduled for January 18th at Keyboard Concepts in Van Nuys and the registration deadline is January 4th.

Classical / Romantic Festival

The Classical/ Romantic Festival will take place February 21, and the registration deadline is February 1st.  Please see Rules and Guidelines for this event.  Please encourage your students to participate!

Certificate of Merit Honors Festival

Those of us entering students in Certificate of Merit  will begin inputting repertoire information in January.  Please know the criteria for Honors Festival Consideration beforehand:


Piece selected must receive a rating of 5- or better
Piece selected must be memorized (not all pieces have to be memorized - only the required number for passing CM is required)
Theory: 70% score or better
Sight-Reading: Average or better
Technique: Good or better

Southern California Junior Bach Festival

Get your students ready for the Bach Festival, April 12 - registration deadline March 23!!  Again, enter your students even if you think they aren't "superb."  They will benefit hearing other excellent students perform, and the branch event will be supported!

Have a wonderful December and New Year!


Fwd:  Music Competition for San Fernando Valley High School Students

Gillian Smith   12/16/15 at 2:44 PM


 My name is Betsy and I'm a member of the West San Fernando Valley MTAC branch.  Francine forward me your contact information so I could let you know of a music competition and scholarship opportunity for high school students. All instruments are eligible (including voice). I would really appreciate it if you could let other East Valley members know about this. Please let me know if you have any questions. Flyer is attached.


Valley Talent Music Scholarship Program Details:


Application Process:

·       Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

o   Be 14 to 18 years old and current high school students

o   Live in the San Fernando Valley (proof or residence will be requested)

·       Applicants must choose from one of the two categories below:

o   Non-Classical Performance (Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc.)

o   Classical Performance

Participants may play any instrument that fits under the categories of woodwind, brass, strings, and percussion, vocal. (No computer-based musical instruments allowed)

*Bands and ensembles may participate, but the award amount will remain fixed.

·       Applicants must submit application forms along with video submissions and any other attachments by December 30, 2015. 

*We'll allow late submissions for the video portion since many students may be out of town for the holidays (video can be a simple recording on a smartphone).

More Information & Application: 





Betsy Valle
Development Coordinator & Piano Teacher

Nueva Vision Community School
cell: (818) 235-2280
email: betsy.valle@nuevavisioncs.org

-- Empowering our community through music education. –


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

 Gillian Smith   12/30/15 at 8:23 PM

 Dear MTAC SFEV Family!!

I don't know how many of you might have watched the Kennedy Center Honors, last night.  Perhaps, if you did not catch it, you can find it on YouTube.  It was quite moving to watch Cicely Tyson, Rita Moreno, George Lucas, Seiji Ozawa and Carole King receive awards.  So much of the artistic achievement was music-based - it was even pointed out that George Lucas' work was heavily dependent on music.  Performers included James Taylor, Yo-Yo Ma and Aretha Franklin, who brought down the house and moved President Obama to tears with her version of "Natural Woman."  Music is powerful, and we are very fortunate to enjoy lives which revolve around this glorious art form.

Wishing all of you an inspired, creative, joyful, musical 2016, and thanking you for contributing your time and expertise to your students and to our organization, so that students who may not be your own might benefit from musical opportunities contributing to their development and passion for the art,